Welcome to the idea world
    Tatiana Georgiu-Tumer !

    Pleasant viewing!)))



    Idea and Fantasy,

    Originality and Quality of execution!

    At consideration of works, easily to define, that...



    I can deploy my multi-faceted talents
    and individually
    to the requirements of customer.


    I work on a result, but not for a time)))

  • Activity category of the given services in a polygraphy:


        Corporate style Illustration
        Calendar Flayer
        Poster Postcard
        Diploma Painting
        Vector processing Billposting
        Photo processing Presentation


  • Activity category of the given services in a video and web:


         Design of site Caption
         Animation of postal Storyboard
         Multimedia presentation TV Design
         Banner SFX
         Design of icons Editing of wedding video
         Animation Animation of foto